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Thousands of Romanian orphans lived in appalling conditions under former communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. His policies also actively encouraged couples to have children by awarding mothers of at least five children significant benefits, while mothers of at least 10 children were declared heroic mothers” and were given a gold medal, a free car, free transportation on trains, and free holidays each year.
The internationally-adopted children were drawn from the Minnesota and the Wisconsin International Adoption Project Registries-registries jucarii ieftine of families created through international adoption that expressed interest in being contacted about research participation.

Recently conducted by the World Bank, participating children showed promising results in their scores in emergent literacy and numeracy, motor and socio-emotional development, executive function and cumulative learning skills regardless of the language spoken at home.
Analysis of the birth weight data yielded means in grams for the PI, EA and NA children, respectively, of 2,893 (Sd=1,134), 2,982 (Sd=524), and 3,314 (Sd=699), F (2,94)=5.9, p<.01. Hockbergen post-hoc tests indicated that both PI and EA groups were lower birth weight, on average, than NA children, although PI and EA birth weight did not differ.

The first was a childhood of despair which had begun with their drunken father beating their mother until finally the marriage collapsed and their mother, unable to support her young children, abandoned Maria and Daniella and her two other toddlers to the state.
In line with EU demands, all children cared for by the state are now under the control of county authorities, and the National Agency for the Protection of the Rights of Children was created in December to be the central government agency responsible for children.
Of course something needs to be done to help the children here, but at the moment all the Romanian government is doing is signing forms sending children back to their parents … It doesn't seem to matter that the parents might be alcoholics or have no means to look after their kids as long as the numbers are cut”, she says.

The family, which had started fostering immigrant children a year earlier after a life-changing experience doing missionary work in Ethiopia, asked not to be identified in this story because it would violate the terms of their contract with the federal government.
To screen for possible FAS, we photographed front and side views of children's faces and analyzed these images using FAS Facial Photographic Analysis Software ( Astley, 2003 ). Children scoring in the moderate range or higher on this screener were excluded and images where coders were uncertain were also reviewed by a pediatric dysmorphologist.

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