Their services include carpet and furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, as well as odor and stain removal. They offer allergen removal services to make sure customers live in clean, comfortable environments suited to their specific needs. They guarantee customers 100% satisfaction with their services. Mean Green Carpet Cleaners is one of ver… Read More

Having tried the tradicional route of doctors and therapists for years I had little hope. My chronic tendinitis reappeared in 2020 after 3-months of lockdown and teleworking. As usual, I followed a 2-months treatment which included painkillers, rest, ultrasounds, etc. The pain relief was temporary and the symptoms would not disappear. The Japanese … Read More

After discovering a hidden entrance to a cave, workers took a passage that led them to the massive complex. Researchers believe the city, estimated to cover an area of over 4 million square feet, was used as a refuge by persecuted Jews and early Christians. Persecuted by the Romans, early Christians in what is now Turkey went underground—literall… Read More

It wasn’t long ago when if you had an old tree stump in your yard you had to either work around it or find some way to disguise it. Nowadays you can have that obstacle removed with a highly specialized machine. Trees that carry disease resulting from poor health or a pest invasion are a risk to other trees in your yard.After receiving the list of… Read More

The company's other services include lawn maintenance and log harvest. Deforest Tree Service is an established and insured company located in Virginia Beach, VA. Our goal is to provide a full range of superior tree services while maintaining affordable rates to our valued customers. We have an unparalleled dedication to building long term relations… Read More